Remedial Massage Therapist

Remedial Massage Therapist Tanya Heron

I have been in the fitness industry for the last 18 years teaching group fitness classes, BodyPump was my first ever program, from there I kind of evolved in between having my 3 children. I felt I was in my comfort zone and needed more as I loved working with the members in a class/group environment. I decided to study Certificate 3 in Personal training. I found that having one on one training was a fantastic and very rewarding.


I am very passionate about helping people change their lives for the better from the inside out that to me was not only rewarding but inspiring. Again I felt the urge to study and felt that Remedial Massage therapist was the path for me seeing how easy it is to injure or overwork the muscles. And wanting to learn more on functions, movements and again with that desire to help and in a way heal and relieve clients of pain and discomfort. 


The knowledge I have gained as a fitness instructor/ Personal Trainer helps me to understand movements and functions of the body therefore making me think outside the box and really excel as a therapist I love the challenge and I am passionate about every aspect of massage therapy.


In my spare time i like to train, I love weight training and being outdoors, i enjoy being active so anything outdoors and the beach is how I relax.


My favourite food is an açai bowls anything fresh more into healthy tasty foods rather than takeaway, I do like Thai food. Favourite cafe is the boy and the rose in North Avoca their food is amazing and soooo tasty kids love it to.